What are the most popular wedding cars?

This question is a bit hard to answer as all states have a different selection of companies offering their services with trends and style varying across Australia however in Victoria the most popular wedding cars are Classic/Vintage with limos not too far behind. Limousine are great as they can transport many people in the one car and are a fantastic option for large bridal parties. Classic cars are used as the lead bridal car and have a starring role in couples wedding photos.

According to data supplied by Australia’s largest wedding directory Easy Weddings (taken from surveying thousands of couples) the most popular choice of cars and how many are generally used can be found below.

What style of wedding car is the most popular?

  • 36% Vintage/Classic
  • 26% Limousine
  • 20% Modern
  • 8.4 % Sports
  • 4.6% Hummer
  • 3.7 % Hot Rod

How many cars do couples use?

  • 41% choose to use 1 wedding car
  • 37% choose 2 cars
  • 12% use 3 cars and only
  • 8% use 4 cars

What are our most popular wedding cars?

In our own fleet we find that our classic Rolls Royce and Bentleys are the most popular cars. These are the ones that will get booked first. Our Rolls Royce Wraith’s are the most popular cars and always impress when couples come to view them at our showroom. Our fleet of 12 assorted Jaguars are a very popular choice as they have a unique  look and look great in wedding photos.

In the past 5 years our classic Mercedes Benz have been getting very popular with many couples appreciating these beautiful cars as they are a bit different. This trend is great as the Mercedes remain one of our favourite marques and we have a soft spot for the engineering and design of these classics.

In the end it really comes down to personal choice, some couples choose the cars based on their badge and marque while others will choose their cars based on their styling and how they will look in their wedding photographs, we also have many couples choosing a type of car based on sentimental value or a brand preference. Another factor that plays into the cars popularity is the size inside and outside of the vehicle if the bride has a large dress or many people in their bridal party.

What’s the most popular colour of wedding car?

This is a bit of a split but we would say that 60% of couples will choose our 2 Tone cars followed very closely by the all black cars. Again this is down to personal preference and what is available on that wedding day.

In Australia each state seems to have a different style and this is definitely the case here in Melbourne were most couples prefer the look of darker or Two Tone wedding cars. In the 1980s and early 1990’s our fleet was all white but we have changed our look to suit the trends (plus we think cars look so much better in black or two tone). Its interesting to note that in  NSW and Queensland white cars are still the preferred choice of couples.

The best way to choose your wedding day transport is the arrange an appointment to view all of our 34 classic cars at our showroom which is located just 6km from the CBD. Many couples find it easier to choose when seeing the cars up close and sitting in them to make sure they will suit their needs.