same sex weddings
  • Posted on 29 Jan 2018

In December we had the opportunity to participate in the first ever Equality Network Masterclass.

The Equality Network has been set up to educate wedding professionals about how to work effectively with couples from the LGBTI community.

Manuela and myself had the opportunity to attend the masterclass over 2 days. We can both say that is was a real eye opener and in-site into the LGBQTI community, people and also the history of the movement and its key individuals.

During the course we learnt so much about the struggle for equal rights and oppression and issues that the community faces that we had no real understanding of before. It was both confronting at times but enlightening overall. The classes were well structured, paced and very interactive and Bronte had our attention 100% of the time. The participation, enthusiasm and emotions in the sessions were unlike any other course we have attended and hearing stories/questions from all the other participants enhanced the sense of . We can’t thank Bronte and Liv enough for inviting us to attend the masterclass and providing such an informative and thought provoking experience. We both walked away with a new perspective and thoughts on how we can change the communication and traditions in our business.

We highly recommend this course to not just wedding professionals but to anyone.

A massive thanks to Bronte Price for his tireless efforts into educating the wedding industry and its suppliers. Not only is Bronte a co-founder and educator for The Equality network but he is also one of Melbourne’s most sought after Civil Marriage Celebrants.  You can find out more about Bronte here

For more information on The Equality Network and the education they are providing Australia Wide we suggest checking out their website below.