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  • Posted on 30 Sep 2015

Your Wedding Budget – We’ve devised some helpful hints to get your finances in order.

Establishing your wedding budget is the most imperative aspect of your big day planning. Whether you’re planning a royal worthy affair or an intimate gathering of a few, the following factors will have you well on the way to making all your big day dreams come true.


Establish early on who will share the expenses. In days gone by it was the bride’s father that traditionally covered all big .day expenses, but this is often no longer the case. These days the groom’s family may also wish to make a contribution, and in some cases the bride and groom will cover costs themselves. There are no hard and fasts rules, but what is important is to be up front and honest and all parties involved are comfortable with their contribution.


When it comes to financing your wedding it’s important to prioritize what elements are most important to you. Whether it’s fine wine, a gourmet menu or a certain location, knowing what you want most out of your day will help to determine what elements you can skimp on cost or go without and set your expectations and budget accordingly.

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If you’re footing the bill yourselves, it’s time to save! save! save! Setting aside approximately 20 percent of your monthly income is sure to keep things on track, though the longer your engagement, the more time you’ll have to save.


•Wedding cup cakes are becoming increasingly popular and are easy to make yourself.

•Ask for help from friends and family, they come free and often happy to assist!

•Choose flowers that are in season, if you’ve got a green thumb or creative flare grow or arrange them yourself.

•Instead of a band opt for a DJ, they are almost always more affordable


Some links to helpful online and free wedding budget planning tools.

NAB Wedding Budget Calculator

Easy Weddings Free Budget Calculator

Happy wedding planning!


This is a general budget guide. Amounts will vary from couple to couple, depending on their priorities and individual tastes.

•Reception (food, beverages, rentals, site): 40% – 50%

•Bride’s & Groom’s Attire: 5% – 10%

•Photography & Videography: 10%

•Flowers: 10%

•Entertainment / Music: 5% – 10%

•Planner/ Coordinator: 10% – 15%

•Miscellaneous (invitations, fees, transportation etc): 10%

wedding car hire melbourne prices

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