How much does wedding car hire cost?

Wedding car transport and hire varies from state to state and also as there are different styles/types of cars there is no general rule of thumb. Many smaller regular modern cars may be cheaper but wont have the ‘wow’ factor like a classic or exotic. A wedding Limousine will be more expensive than a smaller sedan however it can seat more passengers so is not really a fair price comparison.

According to the the Easy Weddings 2019 Survey the average cost of wedding transport in Australia is $1,250 according to previous couples. 

Quality of service and reputation also plays a significant factor in the price just like every other service/product you purchase in your life. On your wedding planning journey you will come across photographers, receptions, cakes of varying quality and price points. There is always going to be a price difference between the ‘backyarders’ in the wedding industry and the full time business and we encourage couples to book all of their suppliers based on reputation, quality and product and NOT solely on the cheapest price.

Please factor in travel charges as most companies (ourselves included) will have a travel fee for weddings outside the Melbourne metro area. Make sure when you are quoted that their price includes this and GST and any other costs. It’s always a good idea to go and personally inspect the wedding cars to make sure they are in great condition and the supplier is trustworthy.

We have included below a rough starting guide for our pricing for 2020. As every wedding has different requirements we recommend you contact us for a personalised quote for your individual needs.

We also offer special rates during the winter months and weekday rates so ask us if this will apply to your wedding.

2020 Wedding Car Pricing Guide

  • Rolls Royce Sedans – Starting from $695 (based on a min 3hr hire)
  • Classic Limousines – Starting from $800 (based on a min 3hr hire)
  • Bentley Sedans– Starting from $695 (based on a min 3hr hire)

*Please note these prices are for 2020 weddings in the Inner Melbourne Metro area and are based on our Minimum 3 hour hire

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