• Posted on 6 Apr 2017

Rolls Royce Silver Wraith 1949-1951

About this Model

The Rolls Royce Silver Wraith’s are by and large the flagship vehicles in our fleet. These large vehicles are the most popular models and are always booked out well in advance. Two of our Wraith’s were handcrafted at Mulliner’s coach builders in London and our 1949 Burgundy/Silver Wraith is a rare Hooper coach built body.

The Rolls Royce Silver Wraith is a large, grand car fit for Royalty and heads of state and can be seen in countless films and television shows ranging from several James Bond movies, to Pink panther to Batman films even Queen Elizabeth had one in her fleet. The Wraith was built for the passengers and a divider exists to separate the driver from the rear guests. The beautifully appointed chestnut wood and leather interiors are a standout feature that took hundreds of hours to hand craft by artisans in England over 60 years ago.

Rear opening ‘suicide’ doors and a foot step make getting in and out of the Wraith very easy and the extra room in the back can accommodate brides who have a larger bridal gown.

We have 3 Rolls Royce Wraith’s in our fleet and they available in Two Tone, a Gloss Black finish and also a Burgundy/Silver finish.


Rolls Royce Wedding Car

What other cars can i pair with the Wraith?

Our fleet of  Wraith’s are used as the lead bridal cars as their size and stature lends itself to being the centre of attention when paired up with our other cars. Many couples choose to combine the Wraiths with either our Rolls Royce Silver Dawn’s or Bentley Mark VI Dawn’s. We have both of these combinations available in either black or two tone.

Another popular combination is to use the Wraith with 2 or 3 Jaguar MK5 Sedans or our larger Daimler Royal Limousines for those with many in their bridal party

How many passengers can these cars seat?

The Rolls Royce Silver Wraith will seat up to four passengers in comfort, the larger rear compartment offers plenty of leg room and the wide bench seat in the rear along with a great amount of headroom make the Wraiths one of the most comfortable cars in our fleet.

What colours are available?

Gloss Black – 1 Available

Two Tone (Ivory/Black) – 1 Available

Silver/Burgundy -1 Available

What we think

There is nothing quite like the quality and prestige of a Rolls Royce and the Wraith was simply the best car you could buy at the time. We love the look of these cars with their larger headlights and grill as they really make a statement in both couples wedding photos and to passers by on the street. Being driven around in the back of a Wraith is truly a delight as they make anyone feel like a VIP and just that little bit more special. These are just some of the reasons why our couples love these cars and they are so popular.

We invite you to book an appointment to visit our showroom and see these cars for yourself, you wont be disappointed.