mercedes benz wedding car
  • Posted on 1 Mar 2017

Each few weeks we want to include a post on a particular model of wedding car in our fleet. A short bio on the model itself and if we can this particular wedding cars history and any other interesting facts. So read on below and keep checking back for updates. Enjoy

Mercedes Benz 220 S Convertible

About this Model

The three pointed star is a universally recognised symbol denoting quality and prestige. The Stuttgart company’s fortunes were rebuilt after the WW II with the famous ” Ponton” model, known and loved in the English speaking world as the ” Roundie”.

Our 1958 Mercedes Benz 220S Convertible is a jewel.  Sophisticated engineering concealed under a curvaceous and seductive body line, this car has sparkling dynamics and a supple ride. Its jet black finish, chrome detailing, and gorgeous ruby red leather will set your heart racing – a little more!

What can i match with this car?

Many couples choose to combine the 220S with our grande Mercedes Benz 300D long wheelbase saloons for a more expansive style. The 220S convertible is used mainly as a lead car for the bride and groom with the rest of the bridal party using the 300D Sedans.

How many can this car seat?

The Mercedes Benz 220S Convertible will seat up to three. Please be aware that room in the back is limited in this car compared with our other Convertibles.

What we think

The Mercedes Benz 220S Convertible is our personal favourite car in the fleet and is the only one of its kind available for hire for weddings here in Victoria. The combination of rich red leather interior and gloss black exterior make for a stunning looking vehicle inside and out. We believe the Mercedes 220S is the choice for couples that are looking for the ultimate in timeless style and that cool Steve McQueen movie star class.