1958-59 Mercedes Benz 300D Sedan

About this Model

The chancellors choice

Konrad Adenauer, post war West German Chancellor , particularly favoured these spacious and striking saloons. A triumph of structural design and studied by generations of automotive engineers, these cars are large and imposing, yet possessed of delicate, sweeping lines, and light and airy inside.

This was Mercedes flagship model and offered the most luxurious ride and features to rival any Rolls Royce of the day. It’s no wonder why historical figures such as JFK and heads of states from all over the world chose this model for transport.

The remarkable pillar-less construction of our 1959 models will allow your photographer to capture beautiful interior shots of your party at ease in the red leather seats – even the rear quarter windows can be removed!

We are proud to have the only Mercedes Benz 300D’s available for hire in Victoria which makes them a unique choice for those couples looking for something different.

Classic mercedes car

What can i match with this car?

Our classic Mercedes Benz 300D Sedans are usually used in pairs or with our convertibles. Some couples choose to use a few sedans with our 300D Convertible, 220S Convertible or even our 1939 Mercedes Benz Two Tone Convertible.

How many passengers can these cars seat?

Our classic Mercedes Benz 300D wedding cars can seat up to 4 adult passengers. 3 in the back and 1 in the front next to the driver. There is plenty of head and leg room in these cars so perfect for taller grooms or groomsmen. The high roof and airy interior makes these cars some of the roomiest in our fleet.

Bride and Groom with Mercedes Benz

What colours are available?

We have 3 classic Mercedes Benz 300D Sedans in our fleet. Each of the Mercedes has a beautifully appointed interior full of rich wood trim, red carpet and a rich red leather upholstery. Sitting inside the Mercedes is a very special place indeed and will offer one of the smoothest rides you will ever experience.

•  Gloss Black – 3 Available

We invite you to book an appointment to visit our showroom and see these cars for yourself, you wont be disappointed.